Honda PCX

Various motorbikes for rent Starting from 100 baht per day


Large Storage Space

Automatic Transmission

Low Fuel Consumption

The Honda PCX150 is one of the most versatile, practical and sensible scooters on the planet, and a blast to ride!. The PCX150 has a new look for 2015, offers great fuel efficiency with plenty of room to carry a passenger. A bigger fuel tank this year adds even more range, while dual headlights and sharp new bodywork change up the look. Integrated storage for those trips to the market? Of course. Automatic transmission? Naturally.



honda zoomer

Moto GP champions use them to get around the paddock. Students use them for nipping around town. Just about everyone can use them as stylish accessories as well as practical, economical and environmentally responsible about-town transport.Ideal for getting around Hua Hin.
Honda Click versatile scooter excellent round town bike.
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